Serving the Servants

Today we sent teams out to the villages again and brought the pastors and their wives to base camp for a delicious lunch celebration just for them. It was a wonderful way to encourage and support them in their roles as shepherds. Our kitchen crew served grilled steak, veggies, salad and apple pie, while Pastor Charley from MPPC and Pastor Orlando from Verbo shared and talked with them. It was especially rewarding to cook for the wives; they don’t get to sit and be served very often.

The teams came back this evening with tales from the villages–a little girl with exuberant joy, the experience of sharing Jesus with a little boy at a taco stand, owners of a hardware store giving a $90 discount on supplies for one of our construction projects because it is for a church, a little boy making a friendship bracelet for a team member, and women sharing deeply in Bible study.

It’s been a great day.

1 thought on “Serving the Servants

  1. I’m so grateful to hear about everything that is going on, and I’m glad to be part of such a church where people devote their spring breaks to caring for each other and others. yea team!

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