Thoughts from Our Seniors

This morning I interviewed a few of our high school seniors, asking them, “What is your favorite thing about Mexicali and where do you see God working this week?” Here are their thoughts:

Lizzy (Nuevo Leon, third trip): We’re impacting the lives of other people and it’s so important to do it together in a team. I feel more connected to the other students when we’re here. Coming here each year allows me to have a new perspective on the world and opens my eyes to actually help with the problems I see.

Katie (Echeverria, third trip): My most favorite part is the people—the way we connect with the kids here is so unique. We have very little common ground, but yet we are able to have deep connections and relationships, even with the language barrier. That’s how I see God here—in the relationships. He is clearly so present.

Tom (Reacomodo, fifth trip): It’s so great to embrace the community in the village and love them through Christ. It would take me weeks to start trusting a bunch of strangers who came out of nowhere for four days, but they are so hospitable and so loving.

Matt (Quintana Roo, third trip): It’s the people. I’m working on the painting project in our village and we’ve had a couple days of hard prep work. Each day, at least five of the villagers have come by and offered to help us. I’ve worked on lots of painting projects before back at home, and it’s unusual for the people you’re serving to want to help like these people do.

Hannah (Nuevo Leon, fourth trip): The niños! And seeing all the village people every year when I come back. The food is amazing, too, especially the empanadas and Homey’s tacos.

Clara (Nuevo Leon, first trip): Of course I love hanging out with the kids, but bonding with my group has been special—I didn’t know the students on my team very well before this. Being a student leader forces me to step out of my comfort zone, and gives me an excuse to be loud. And the people are so open. A village man shared his whole life story with me on the first day after I just said hello to him.

Hanna (Quintana Roo, second trip): Hanging with the village kids. When I was here my freshman year I became close with two girls, Vanessa and Wendy. They remembered me this year, which was a cool God moment when we first arrived. I also love watching God work through the freshman girls in my village. I can see myself in them, the next generation of MPPC students coming through. I feel like we are leaving this trip in good hands.

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