Off to the Villages

Everyone was up and (mostly) bright-eyed for breakfast at 8 a.m. Village teams are having their prep meetings now before heading out to our five villages for the day: Nuevo Leon, Echeverria, Michoacan, Quitana Roo and Reacamodo. Teams will play with kids, begin women’s Bible study, start construction projects, and have a delicious lunch prepared by the village women.

New photos from this morning are posted on the slide show–be sure to take a look.

We’re Here

Thanks for all your prayers! We pulled in to Hotel Dial ┬ájust as the sun was setting here in Mexicali. Everything here in the desert has this mysterious smell of gardenias or something similar. The kids are so happy and laid back. Everyone is full from a great pasta and salad dinner and we’re about to start our evening program. Lots of pictures to come tomorrow, but in the meantime, enjoy the sunset!