Pray for the Broken Bus!

It’s been quite an eventful day! The busses left MPPC right on time and everyone passed out until we stopped for a hearty, McDonalds breakfast at 8:30 about 45 minutes north of LA. We were making incredible time, so we decided to make another pit stop a couple hours later at a rest area in the middle of the dessert. After about 20 minutes or so of sun bathing and frisbee throwing, we got back on the bus for the final leg of the trip.

Apparently we worked one of the busses too hard because it decided that it longer wanted to shift past the 2nd gear (we’ve already set up an appointment for it to meet with the little engine that could). After about 30 minutes of trying to get it to work, we stopped at a gas station outside of Palm Springs with the hopes that an automotive miracle would happen.
Thirty-five minutes and five wasted dollars on claw machine later, we
all piled back onto the busses thinking that everything was good to go, but we made it about 1 mile before realizing that the bus still needed an attitude adjustment.

We just dropped one bus off in a Costco parking lot, where they will
wait until some of our vans arrive from Calexico to pick them up to drive them across the border. The rescue vans are heading out from the Walmart momentarily.

My bus is back on the road and should be arriving at the world famous Calexico Walmart in a little under two hours. Thankfully, we have Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to keep us company. Be excellent to each other, and party on dude!

Thanks for any and all prayers!

(Texted to me from Brett)


The Busses Left on Time at 2:45 a.m.

Although we’ve heard stories of ultimate frisbee at Stanford and some swimming in the Ortberg pool, reliable sources report that everyone arrived on time and the busses took off at 2:45 a.m. Except for Chris Sturgeon, who had to be tracked down. There are a few reports that the bus is cold and some girls are having trouble sleeping.


Why are we leaving @ 2 a.m.??

The crazy 2am send-off… Here’s the reason…

In years’ past, we have left here closer to 4am or 5am and that got us to our last stop – Calexico,CA around 4pm or 5pm, which is where we change from the large charter buses into the rented 15x passenger vans that we have for the week in Mexicali. This would always take some time to exchange people and luggage so we would be driving into Mexicali in the dark. We didn’t think that was the best, so we are attempting this new time of 2am. Why not midnight, you ask? Well, we have 20+ people that will fly into San Diego Sunday morning, rent the 15x passenger vans and drive 2.5 hours to meet the buses in Calexico. IF the buses left any earlier, we would not be there with the vans to meet the kids and exchange luggage/people etc. This would cause havoc in Walmart or the parking lot with 80 people waiting 2 hours for the vans to arrive.

Hope that clears a few things up…we will see how it goes this year and continue to improve the trip each year!

(emailed to me from Juice)